Bullseye 2 Lyrics Future, Real Boston Richey

Bullseye 2 Lyrics By , On Real Boston Richey 2022. Best Song Bullseye 2 Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. Bullseye 2 Song Sung By Popular Singer Future, Real Boston Richey, Music Composed By Real Boston Richey, Future, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By Real Boston Richey, Future. Bullseye 2 Full Song Lyrics By Future, Real Boston Richey. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on WoLyrics.com

Bullseye 2 Song Future, Real Boston Richey Details

Vocal/Singer ,
Music Comsposer Real Boston Richey, Future
Lyricist Real Boston Richey, Future
YouTube video

Bullseye 2 Lyrics Future, Real Boston Richey


IntroReal Boston Richey & Future
Pluto rich, rich is Pluto, however you wanna say it
Bup, bup, bup, bup
Yeah, murder
Two of my chains a hundred thousand, one of my rings cost a house
I been always with this shit…

Two of my bitches, can’t live without ’em
, slime ’em out

Verse 1Real Boston Richey
Bubba chain a hunndred thousand
Ran it up in public housing
Niggas pussy, Ronda Rousey
Fuck with me, don’t fuck without me
Hula hoop ass nigga got slimed out for tryna go around me
Know I get a nigga ass touched right now
Ain’t gotta be around him
Booted up, I don’t take no med
I be on that drink instead
Fuck ’round on that Strong Back
Doin’ too much, I damn near broke the bed
I don’t gotta have no comeback
I don’t argue, fuck him, kill him dead
Fuck it, buy his bitch a wig
Fuck his bitch, I love to see it
I been on this shit since I was a kid, all this shit I did
All my ex hoes still ain’t on shit, keep ’em out my midst
Ion’t evеn be tryna connect hoes, with this motion shit
Know thе po-lice stayin’ next door, still gettin’ them bubba’s in
Hoe you know I don’t play Connect Four, ain’t with that playin’ shit
Can’t afford the real
We pullin’ through, all dirty sticks
Cookin’ up motion, shoot my shot, I got a Curry wrist
Gotta keep it kosher
Can’t do too much, these fuck niggas a snitch

ChorusReal Boston Richey
Servin’ crystal falls, just like the haves and the have not
All that fuckin’ wood and oxy get ya ass slimed out
Pull up in a Benz, she say that she wanna know me now
Fuck it, spin a bend
Pop his ass and call it bullseye

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