Caught Up

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Caught Up Song By FLO Details

Music Comsposer FLO
Lyricist FLO

Caught Up Lyrics FLO

no im not the type to keep u locked up inside
and i wont start a fight to keep u wit me tonight
cuzz i can spot da truth when i look in ya face
and i can smell a lie before u walk in my place
yeah you know my reputation so dont push me
i get my revenge if i lock away this..
imma find out if you’re
it will come to light bc the dark just couldn’t keep it
yeah I wanna know.
Yeah I wanna know.
u ever do that shady shit boy bring it to my door
why wouldn’ I want to know
it gon’ matter if I don’tso you better tell me
u say u dont know that girl
so boy i’ll take ya word
hope she dont get u caught up
get you caught up
get you caught up
u goin out w
gon be late coming in
wont trip just dont get caught up
don’t get caught up
don’t get caught up
2nd Verse
I found some receipts last night
that didn’t quite match up with your time
you say that you’re with your boys on vacation
you just post a picture with the girl you say you ain’t hit(Stella)
trust issues on 100
now do something bout it
before i get to driving
riding down ya block key ya shit i won’t regret it nooo
if you’re out here on these streets
at least be honest with me
i been loyal i been good to you
don’t make me have to do the same thing too
here’s a bit of advice
don’t get caught up in your lies
cos if you’re gonna creep it’s best you do it right

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