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Patterns Song Patterns in Repeat Details

Music Comsposer Laura Marling
Lyricist Laura Marling
YouTube video

Patterns Lyrics Laura Marling

Zena, youʼve squared your toes
But your family nose, hangs around
Youʼre still a ballerina, everybody knows
But your feet are on the ground
But as the years go by and points comply
With ever more relief
Then patterns in repeat can begin

To have your children, your flock of birds
Your branch among the wood
Youʼll try to tell them, but youʼre lost for words
Cause itʼs so absurd, how good
And as those years go by theyʼll look upon you kindly like a friend
A pattern in repeat
And never ends

Pulled for meaning, I arched my back
And then from the black you were born
Forward leaning at first, abstract
You soon contract into form

And now the time leaps by and starts to fly
And only then can I see
That weʼre patterns in repeat
And weʼll always be

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