The Devil Is A Woman

The Devil Is A Woman Lyrics By On Napalm Records 2024. KISSIN DYNAMITE's Best Song The Devil Is A Woman Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. The Devil Is A Woman Song Sung By Popular Singer KISSIN' DYNAMITE, Music Composed By KISSIN DYNAMITE, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By KISSIN DYNAMITE. The Devil Is A Woman Full Song Lyrics By KISSIN' DYNAMITE. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on WoLyrics.com

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The Devil Is A Woman Lyrics KISSIN' DYNAMITE

The Devil is a, the Devil is a, yeah, the Devil is a…

Just a single touch is a touch too much
With that angel smile my heaven comes down, yeah
While I fall for the charms I’m dying in her arms
And her look turns cold, oh, she knocks me out yeah

A moment of paradise set aflame
She cries out my name – Oh no!

Loving like a lord of the underworld
Luring me so pretty put me in the dirt
I knew the devil is a woman, oh oh
Telling little lies with her icy spell
Promising me heaven but I go to hell
I knew the Devil is a woman
The Devil is a woman

Licking her fingertips
But there’s blood on her lips
Covers my eyes with a veil , I’m losing my mind, yeah
In a satin little dress
And her hands on my chest
Feel a blazing desire
She knows love is blind, yeah

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