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Beach Side Lyrics By On Guava VEVO 2023. Best Song Beach Side Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. Beach Side Song Sung By Popular Singer Guava, Music Composed By Guava, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By Guava. Beach Side Full Song Lyrics By Guava. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on WoLyrics.com

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Music Comsposer Guava
Lyricist Guava
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Beach Side Lyrics Guava

Beach Guava

Oh I dream I know I’d like to be,
Swimming like a fishy at the bottom of the sea,
Just a takin’ my time, Just a finnin’ around,
I’ll be flowin’ with the tide cause in time I will be found,

Oh I would like to be a birdie in the sky,
Passin’ through these places and I need no reason why,
Just a carryin’ the weight of my will on my wings,
And when the sun comes up again my song for you I’ll sing,

Oh I feel it when my blood runs thin,
I would like to be the snake who keeps committing all the sin,
Just a slitherin’ through sand I let the killing begin,
And when I’m guilty as can be its time to shed my skin,

Oh I would like to be the queen bee of the hive,
I never had no money give me royalty one try,
I would look after my colony wearing my honey crown,
And give thanks to the flowers and the bees who built my town,

Oh I would like to be a bear in the woods,
Doin’ almost anything cause anything I could,
Completely naked I would be free and dance,
I would sneak up on your path for fun and make you shit your pants,

And oh I would like to be myself most of all,
But what that does require myself can not recall,
Some say its everything and some say it ain’t,
But what others all speak about I never can relate,

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