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Music Comsposer Chris Webby
Lyricist Chris Webby
YouTube video

Bombs Away Lyrics Chris Webby

I ain’t givin’ ’em the time of day
They wanna hate
Let ’em find a way, uh, but listen
I don’t care what the fuck they say
You light the fuse and it’s bombs away
And it’s bombs away (Bombs away)
Yeah, it’s bombs away (Bombs away)
And it’s bombs away, away, away, away (Away)
Yeah (Webby)

It’s like I’m playin’ solitaire
I’m the truth, they cannot compare (Nah)
Only child, with the mic, I don’t wanna share
Listen to my briefcase if you really want a scare
Hear that shit tick? (Oh my God, is there a bomb in there?)
Yes there is and I’ve been ready to detonate it
Fuck the world raw
I’ll bust and inseminatе it
When I’ve penеtrated
Spit on it, choke it and denigrate it
Intelligence higher than artificially generated
Raw data, when they play I’mma show ’em a virtuoso (Yeah)
Put ’em in a box like a phone app logo
Bill Gates had a farm, E-I-O
And up on that farm you know that I’m the motherfuckin’ GOAT though
So dope, makin’ ’em froze like Han Solo (Yeah)
Stuck in carbonite, if you carbon dated the flow
You would know that I’ve been around since the wooly mammoth’s have roamed
And my blood is about as cold as the dragons out in Komodo
Webby loco, shake ’em up within my snow globe
When the snow fall I brawl like El Oso
Ever since middle school, khaki’s and a polo
My name been ringin’ fuckin’ bells, Quasimodo
Woah, woah, woah, woah, everybody hold up (Hold up)
See ’em break a sweat from the fuckin’ second I showed up
Queue the CGI, fire in the eyes close up (Yeah)
Murder on my mind with a serial killers quota
Baby Yoda to a Jedi with the force
Like Cal Kestis I went from apprentice to bein’ more
My enemies curse the day that my light saber was forged
And the kyber crystal within it omitted into a sword
That I cut ’em down with
Leave a violent impression (Yeah)
They won’t even have the chance or try to fire a weapon
Suburban legend, the throne is what I have been destined
I’ll kill the king while he’s on it to cut the line of succession (Raa)
So it’s time to bring the raw out, boy
Keep my plans in a freezer until they thawed out, boy
Hit ’em with the cooper shell, make ’em stall out
‘Cause when them bombs brought out
Get ready for the fall out, boy
There is no mistaken me
Brain sharp as a blade could be
Branded a suicide if death occurs when they play with me (Uh)
Got some renegade in me
Slim and I’m movin’ shadily
A criminal, Duke Nukem and wound ’em fatally, so
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Bombs away like Hiroshima
‘Cause I can’t be contained like Fukushima
My impact is nuclear through your speakers
You gon’ wake up with some tumors and some new diseases
I’m radioactive, still I keep your radio active (Yeah)
Exposure level lethal if you playin’ my tracks
You’ll lay in a casket if you get to playin’ ’em back too many times
What I’m sayin’ is that
Light the fuse and it’s

I ain’t givin’ ’em the time of day
They wanna hate
Let ’em find a way, uh, but listen
I don’t care what the fuck they say
You light the fuse and it’s bombs away
And it’s bombs away (Bombs away)
Yeah, it’s bombs away (Bombs away)
And it’s bombs away, away, away, away (Away)

2023 shit, Last Wednesday shit
You feel me?
Yeah, bombs away
Light that fuckin’ fuse, I dare you
And it’s bombs away, away, away, away

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