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Legacy Lyrics KSHMR, RAFTAAR

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Legacy Lyrics By , On KSHMR, Raftaar 2023. Best Song Legacy Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. Legacy Song Sung By Popular Singer KSHMR, RAFTAAR, Music Composed By KSHMR, Raftaar, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By KSHMR, Raftaar. Legacy Full Song Lyrics By KSHMR, RAFTAAR. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on

Legacy Song By KSHMR RAFTAAR Details

Vocal/Singer ,
Music Comsposer KSHMR, Raftaar
Lyricist KSHMR, Raftaar
YouTube video

Legacy Lyrics KSHMR, RAFTAAR

Zinda hai legacy
Zinda na banda to kaisi yeh jealousy
Social pe rona par ankho me nami ni
Apne hi aise to better hai enemy
Isko hi kehte hai hai destiny
Jitna love utna hate no debate
Dafna do nafrat mohobbat ho celebrate
Marta hai banda na marti hai legacy
Zinda hai melodies
Zinda hai legacy
Zinda hai baatein teri
Zinda hai yaadein teri
Zinda hai phoneon me dilon ke koono me
Zinda kahani teri
Duniya ab bhi deewani teri

Iconic yeah yani bhai kaun
Main icon jab tak mera mic on
Kabhi na bhula meri mai kaun hai
Subha uthke dekhu raat aai kaun
Sau bygones mere bhai gone
On sight on live hogi fight on
Bhaijaan aape ke kaabu na maaru to kaanpu na
Lycan badla I bite on
Kat mara python
Adhmara gaitonde
Kare strike on time
Fall of saigon yeh
Yeah I dont play
Rahe mumbai tera bhai bombay(hai)
May day may day
Enola gay laya a bomb hai
Vidvaan jaise raavan
Yahan Baitha baap ban
Bane bete yeh stromae
Oooouuuu woohhsaaa
Jaan kabar me par naam amar tera
Aaj bhi mooosaa
Ahaitaan se na insaan ka darr
Dukh se zyada mujhe pyaar hai darr
Dushman se zyada mujhe yaar ka darr
Hewaan ka na mehmaan ka darr
Apne ghar baar ka darr

Dikhe mujhe 11 11
Jale dekh dekh
Bina bole naapa maine ek ek
Dekh rekh me rahe mere fake snake
Ek take me chape bina brake tape
Ek tape se band kara crime scene
Grime scene ya drill dekho i mean
Yeh Apna hai daur
Ghode pe mere dior
Mujhse na paison ki taur be
Bal kishore akhein do kaam ki aur
Tyrant hai sore main tyranosaur
Hum rakhte na prisoner of war
Yeh din me shaant w(odin) ka(thor)
Abhi me masti me baby bhi kaur mi amor
Letter to my exes
Karta na vex yes choda saara nexus
Double r in a double r
Sheeshe karu neece tabhi dikhe teri lexus (yes b***h)
Carnage hua wreckless
Ak ko toast marmalade in my breakfast
Disco karu diss kisko karu
Discotheque chale saari set list


The legacy is alive
Jealousy isn’t for people who are not alive
Crying on social media but no real emotions within the eyes
Enemies are better than such close allies
And this is the so-called Destiny
Love as much as Hate, no debate
Bury the hate, let the love celebrate
The man dies but the legacy remains alive
Melodies are alive
Legacy is Alive
Your words are alive
Your memories are alive
In the phones and in the corners of the heart
Your story is alive
The world still loves you

Iconic, yeah, who is it
I am icon till my mic is on
I have not forgotten who my mother is
I wake up and see who came in the night
Hundred bygones, my brothers all gone
The fight will take place live on sight
Brother, I don’t have control over my temper. When I kill, I don’t tremble
Lycan transformation, and I bite on
I sliced the python
Half-dead Gaitonde
It strikes on time
Fall of Saigon yeh
Yeah, I don’t play
Lives in Mumbai, your brother is in Bombay
May day may day
Enola gay has brought a bomb
Scholar like Ravana
Sitting here like a father
His son became Stromae
Oooouuuu woohhsaaa
You are in the grave, but your name is immortal
Even today Mooasaa
I am afraid of a man more than the devil
I am afraid of a love more than the sorrow
I am afraid of a friend more than an enemy
I am not afraid of the guest or the beast,
but I am afraid of the family and loved ones

I saw 11:11
And I burn watching it
I tested each one of them without speaking
Stayed under my care, my fake snakes
The tape got ready in one take, without brake
Closed the crime scene with one tape
watch Grime scene or Drill I mean
I mean this is our time
I wear dior on a horse
Don’t show me this fake money drill
Child teenager, eyes are good for two purposes.
Tyrant is sore, I am Tyranosaur
We don’t keep prisoners of war
These days are calm, those days are harsh
Right now I am having fun, baby too Kaur, my love
Letter to my exes
I Don’t do vex, yes, left all the nexus
Double R in a double R
When I lower the windows, I can see your Lexus (Yes, bitch!)
Carnage got reckless
Toast to AK, Marmalade in my breakfast
Should I disco, whom should I diss?
The setlist goes on the discotheque

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