NARAMA Lyrics Kevin Smokio, Sandun Perera

NARAMA Lyrics By , 2022. Best , Song NARAMA Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. NARAMA Song Sung By Popular Singer Kevin Smokio, Sandun Perera, Music Composed By Chamath Sangeeth, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By Dulan Arx, Smokio. NARAMA Full Song Lyrics By Kevin Smokio, Sandun Perera. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on

NARAMA Song Sandun Perera Details

Vocal/Singer ,
Music Comsposer Chamath Sangeeth
Lyricist Dulan Arx, Smokio
YouTube video

NARAMA Lyrics Kevin Smokio, Sandun Perera

With ragi eyes begging me for love
She was still broken, as was Sankara

This Landa will carry the heart in those eyes
I hid in the distance until she hid

I’m getting closer
Uncle …
Dreaming …

Girl, the day you fell in love with me
Rap, Give me a kiss on those lips Mm waah

I would like to have a massage
Taki Taki Taki Taki Rumba

When you see it, my heart will give
Radha Vrinda to be you

I will come looking for you like Krishna
Lola hand seal while you are there

The heart burns with lust for you
The romantic songs you sing

A hum of wasps As a habit of samsara
Deegha Gamini, be my crazy maniac

I’m getting closer
The ant gazed Devi Matara

I’m not asleep at night.
I sail with emotion

Wevy Nethra and Heated and burning heart
I’m getting closer…

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