Rain Lyrics Shenseea, Skillibeng

Rain Lyrics By , On Shenseea 2022. Best Song Rain Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. Rain Song Sung By Popular Singer Shenseea, Skillibeng, Music Composed By Shenseea, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By Shenseea. Rain Full Song Lyrics By Shenseea, Skillibeng. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on WoLyrics.com

Rain Song Shenseea, Skillibeng Details

Vocal/Singer ,
Music Comsposer Shenseea
Lyricist Shenseea
YouTube video

Rain Lyrics Shenseea, Skillibeng

Rain, rain go away
Di bad bitches wanna play
(Rain, rain go away)
(Di bad bitches wanna play), “ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob”
I’m a rich bitch, not a simp bitch
Swipe my own card and check my wish list
See, I might scam a nigga (mhm), I’m ambitious (whoo)
But I don’t sell pussy, God’s my witness (mi hear dat)
Nah beef wid a bitch about a dick (Oh, yea, nah)
Too much mon ah road mi can pick (oh, yea, yea)
Dis gyal love niggas who trick (oh, yea)
But yute
If you diss ShenYeng, ah buss head, yuh hear, “Brrrrp”
Ah Eastside gun dem (yuh nuh hear?)
Violate Romeichun, then you affi run weh (yea)
Whap, Whap, cross face like box, mussi mad man
Dis ah nuh no crocks pot
Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff (buff)
Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Bam-Buff (yea)
Suh mi gun tump up ya face ‘ol hook (huh)
Walk wid di K like say a one foot (buff, whoo) (whoo)
Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff
(Brrrrp), buff, Buff, Buff, Buff, Buff
ShenYeng gun anno ramp, poom-poom
ShenYeng rich suh di clip dem full
Pretty likkle miss (yea)
Put dat inna ditch (ditch)
When mi silent (uh huh), mi duh damages (ok)
Cyaan get loud ‘cah dem haffi watch the pitch (pitch)
Man wi kill fi mi ‘cah dem know mi nah go snitch
Once mi clip dem is
Full, full, full, full, full (dem is)
Full, full, full, full, full
Bwoy head shell (yea), tun dawg fool (cool-guh weh)
Bad from we ah go ah school
Rain, rain go away
Di bad bitches wanna play
Rain, rain go away
Bad bitches wanna play

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