808 Lyrics Srushti Tawade

808 Lyrics By On Srushti Tawade 2023. Best Song 808 Lyrics in Hindi & English Originally Released on YouTube. 808 Song Sung By Popular Singer Srushti Tawade, Music Composed By Srushti Tawade, and Lyrics Of This Song Are Written By Srushti Tawade. 808 Full Song Lyrics By Srushti Tawade. We Offer Amazing Songs Lyrics Only on WoLyrics.com

808 Song Srushti Tawade Details

Music Comsposer Srushti Tawade
Lyricist Srushti Tawade
YouTube video

808 Lyrics Srushti Tawade

Platform kramaank 8 war yenaari gaadi ‘8 waajun 8’ mintaanchi jalad local aahe.
hi local kuthlyaahi sthaanakaanwar thaambnaar nahi.

8 vaajun 8. (x4)

Khabre fake, phir bhi inne saare blind believers.
How’d I make it, they’d be wondering, those non-achievers.
How’d I write that song, and how’d I think of shit like that, woop!
Kaha the when I just made another hit like that, woop!
Likhte likhte beeta saara saara twenty something.
When everybody kinda was into some other dumb thing.
Worked a 9-5 job, 5-9 freelancing,
Changing trains after trains after trains, I’m dancing.

8 vaajun 8. (x4)

Paisa deke mila karte the open mic spot.
Waha roz gayi, hue the sabhi ke eyes caught.
Day one se the best bhi bulaane lage wo.
Abhi mujhe chief guest bhi bulaane lage wo.
Kya baat! kya baat! kya hi kalakaar hai!
Kehte the kya baat hai! kya adaakaar hai!
I had a hundred things i could really good at. so i did
A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Zara zara little bit of work.
Little magic little bit of quirk.
They’d be thinking I’d be running, but
Money money money money wut?

Pehe aaunde jaaunde rehnde eh, mein kii kara?
Jaddo vajje 808 fatte speaker-aa.
How’d I write that song, and how’d I think of shit like that?
Where’d you get a wit like that? How you lit like that?
Oh damn! Guess I made another hit like that.

8 vaajun 8. (x8)

Hi local aata udun jaanaar aahe

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